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Give Your Residents A 24/7 Digital Concierge In The Palm Of Their Hand

Spaciable is a 24/7 source of information and support, demonstrating to your tenants a high level of customer care and reinforcing their value, ensuring they don’t feel neglected, should any issues arise.
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Tenant Welfare

Housing associations are under pressure to provide greater support to tenants and Spaciable can help. In the past two years, the number of mental health advice sessions provided by social housing organisations to tenants increased by 83%year on year. Spaciable provides the ideal platform on which housing associations can support tenants, effortlessly demonstrating a high standard of customer care that helps you stand out as a conscientious and responsible organisation, avoid negative press and increase renewals.


Spaciable’s Notifications feature boasts a 70% open rate and a 27% click-through rate, compared to the industry averages of just 26% and 7%. Spaciable is therefore the most effective way to reach out to tenants, either across entire developments or on an individual basis. Whether it’s for routine check-ups, sharing details of affiliated well-being services or promoting community events, regular positive communication is key to your tenants’ wellbeing.

Complied with new legislation
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Studies show that residents living in socially cohesive communities experience lower rates of mental health issues than less cohesive communities, regardless of how affluent a neighbourhood may be. Spaciable’s Chat feature makes it easy for tenants to interact with their neighbours, building close relationships and using the Spaciable Living app to create groups and events for likeminded residents, including book clubs, dog walking groups and charity fundraisers, etc., making your developments more appealing places to live for tenants.

Cost of Living

The cost of living increases are widely reported, which can have a severe negative effect on people’s mental well being. Spaciable Services and Buyers’ Club provide your tenants with exclusive discounts and offers on utility deals, insurance, broadband and much more, easing some of the pressures that come with inflating costs.

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding


Tenants can use Spaciable Living to book facilities and classes at the tap of a button, from meeting rooms and therapy sessions to meditation and gym classes, encouraging them to look after their physical and mental wellbeing.

“We’re incredibly proud of the homes we build and pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service. We believe that the buyer should feel supported from the point of reservation and long after they move into their new home,and that’s exactly what Spaciable’s products provide. The company has been great, especially our dedicated Account Manager, who has provided us with training to ensure we use the guides and online portal to their full potential.”

Stewart Ingram, Group Customer Services Director Cala Homes
End-to-End Solution

Immersive 3D Walkthrough

The most up-to-date 3D technology, giving your customer the experience of being in the home, wherever they are in the world.
End-to-End Solution

Our Portal, Your Brand

Spaciable can be branded at developer and development level, supporting your marketing materials and reinforcing your company’s image, providing a great alternative to costly in-house IT projects.

Going Green

Spaciable helps you to effortlessly achieve sustainability targets by digitalising important processes, while uploading key documents to the Library feature, rather than handing out paper copies.
Improve Customer Service

Improve Customer Service

Spaciable reduces customer service costs by helping home users to 'fix' common problems and answers frequently asked questions about their new home.
Improve Customer Service

End-to-End Solution

Customer information is loaded and pre-configured by Spaciable at plot level, saving you time and money.
Improve Customer Service


From reservation to completion and beyond, The portal gives you a fully automated email programme managed by Spaciable, as well as instant notifications, ensuring your customers are always in the loop.


Plots digitally delivered


Years' experience in Customer care for Home users


increase in message open rates


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