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"The portal layout is clear and user-friendly; users can access information remotely, provide access to third parties [...] easily build the library to accommodate new information and use the home page to highlight any specific news or events that may be beneficial to the residents.  Being able to provide access to the portal in advance of legal completion [results] in a reduction of queries after move-in and allows for more specific, targeted questions to be asked.”
Nicola O'Rourke,
Far East Consortium

With an average of 3,500 new home users logging into Spaciable each month, developers have:

Seen the proof is in the postcodes

From Elgin to Plymouth and Donaghmore to Norwich, Spaciable’s presence can be felt all over the UK!

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Noticed fewer customer care calls

Spaciable's wealth of information pre-empts common queries, helping home users become self-sufficient.

‘Our customers are extremely happy with the home user guides presented and the detailed information stops a lot of common questions being raised.’ –
Riverdale Developments
Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding

Improved Customer Conversion

By streamlining various in-house processes with a comprehensive admin dashboard, the cost per transaction is significantly reduced, while freeing up resources to on-board new customers.

‘[We chose Spaciable] to improve our customer journey and provide a professional impression from the outset.’ – Sigma Homes

Achieved sustainability targets

With many developers going paperless, Spaciable provides a digital alternative to paper-based processes and handovers, supporting builders in their efforts to improve their carbon footprint.

‘[With Spaciable] our current handover process relies on just one single sheet of paper being produced per unit.’’ – Far East Consortium
Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding

Complied with new legislation

From the New Homes Quality Code to the Building Safety Bill, Spaciable helps builders comply with a number of regulations and requirements, to avoid legal repercussions and damaged brand reputation.

‘The ability for us to update it means we can be comfortable in the knowledge that relevant development information [is] reaching the correct parties.’’ – Far East Consortium

Elevated branding

With a wealth of features and intuitive interface, our white labelled portal demonstrates an elite level of customer care that becomes synonymous with a home provider's brand, leading to referrals, improved survey scores and lease renewals.

To find out how we’ve helped our clients, check out our Case Studies.

‘We would definitely recommend Spaciable – both our admins and homeowners have commented on how useful and easy it is to use.’’ – Battersea Power Station Development Company
Complied with new legislation
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