Going Green

With sustainability becoming a priority for homebuyers and tenants, developers, managing agents and housing associations need to demonstrate their environmental credentials.

A survey by the Home Builders Federation revealed that sustainable qualities now fill two of the top three spots on the list of homebuyers’ concerns when moving home.

Spaciable has helped some of the UK’s biggest developers, such as Cala Homes and Countryside, to go paperless, as part of their sustainable strategies.

As well as the Library allowing admins to upload documents such as marketing brochures, warranties and user manuals, Spaciable also provides a digital conveyancing tool, providing a secure platform for paper-heavy documents to be digitally signed and submitted.

Showcasing sustainable practices is essential; however, educating home users to improve their daily habits is equally important. Spaciable provides the ideal platform for this, giving home users access to water and energy saving tips, and a local area guide.  We also create bespoke Sustainability and Community Guides, which can be shared with home users on the portal.

Spaciable can help you hit your green targets and showcase your commitment to being a responsible developer.

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“[Using Spaciable] our current handover process relies on just one single sheet of paper being produced per unit.”
Nicola O'Rourke, Far East Consortium

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