Tenancy Features

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Send updates to tenants across entire developments or individual plots – whether you need to let them know about planned works on site or a community BBQ. By streamlining communication from a single platform, you can remove the risk of important messages bouncing back, while keeping an audit trail, should any disputes arise down the line.

Amenity Booking

Give tenants access to a timetable for the gym or hybrid workspace, then let them book slots or pay for classes using their phone, removing the need for human input, while creating a more COVID-safe space. An analytics feature can subsequently be used to determine the usage of various amenities and services, helping building managers identify areas for investment or change.

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Parcel Management

Quickly send notifications to tenants when they have a parcel ready for collection in the lobby, creating an efficient delivery process, while controlling traffic through the building. Alert tenants when they have a visitor, so they can choose to grant them access, maximising security within the building.

Key Management

Effortlessly hold and release keys on behalf of tenants, and release them to allow access to cleaners, contractors or friends in the event of the tenant being away, keeping a digital audit of key holding, improving flexibility for any works that require access to a plot and maximising building security. The guest signs in and out on the app, while the tenant can view the live status as it changes from Available, Lent and Overdue.

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Upload important documents to a secure platform for tenants to access 24/7.  Documents can either be uploaded for the entire development or specific plots, saving time on sharing generic documents, such as a building’s health and safety protocols, while allowing the flexibility of quickly sharing plot‑specific documents, such as Electrical Installation Certificates and EPCs.This also helps admin ensure compliance regarding the provision of legally required documents.

Area Guide

Help tenants become settled in the local area, with details of the nearest amenities and services, maximising renewals by increasing tenants’ engagement with the wider community.

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Access details of the finishes and appliances in each apartment, so repairs and maintenance can be easily arranged, while tenants can troubleshoot faulty appliances, without needing to pick up a phone, thereby keeping the apartment in good repair without the need for call-outs.

Defect Reporting

Should a tenant need to report a defect, they can do so using the effective Issues tool, improving response time.  Tenants can submit issues, with supporting images to help admins settle on the best course of action, minimising costs associated with unnecessary or misjudged call-outs, while keeping a clear record of issues reported, so nothing falls through the gaps, and both tenants and admins can monitor progress using a traffic light system.

Existing defect management systems can be integrated into Spaciable for maximum flexibility.

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Invite tenants to community building events or set dates for property inspections and rent payments on the interactive Calendar feature, streamlining tasks and reminders through a central diary, ensuring appointments are maintained, even if the organiser is unavailable.


Pre-empt and address commonly asked questions, from how to operate the heating system to cleaning the kitchen worktops, to reduce customer care calls from tenants, or damage caused by guesswork.

If admins notice specific recurring questions, they can add custom FAQs to the pre-populated catalogue.

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For any issues that can’t be resolved using the FAQs or Library, the Contacts feature includes categorised contact details for various key personnel or organisations, from emergency helplines to utility providers, so tenants aren’t directing every query to the main customer care line.


Strengthen your brand and increase tenant loyalty by providing them with access to exclusive deals from a range of partnered brands, including furniture and hardware stores, and utility and insurance providers.

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