Budget doesn’t need to be a factor when deciding whether to sign up to Spaciable – we want everyone to be able to benefit from its great features, which is why we offer three tiers:
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Best for those who want to give 5 star customer service.
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Spaciable branded (no custom branding)
Your logo, banner and home address image
Fully white-labelled, including your developer colours and a custom login page
Service Level
We create the plots
We also add addresses and upload any documents you provide
We also create contacts and populate plot specific finishes and appliances
Residents restricted to only seeing 3 contacts per phase
Document Uploads
Residents restricted to only seeing 3 documents per phase
Warranty Uploads
Video Links
Standard set of FAQs
Full suite of default FAQs
Full suite of default FAQs, including option to add custom FAQs
Appliances and Specs
Configurable by Admin
Full managed set-up by Spaciable
Area Guide, How Tos, Referrals and Services
My Journey
Buyers Club, Calendar and Home Designer
Custom Build Progress Stages and Emails
Custom Residents Spotlights
Matterport Hosting
Already have Matterport? Hosting available
Already have Matterport? Hosting available
Custom Resident Login URL
Admin Analytics Dashboard
Spaciable Legal (Digital Conveyancing)

Additional Bolt-ons

Homeowner Guide/Home User Guide
Our expertly written, plot-specific Homeowner's Guide has helped over 200 developers elevate their relationship with their customers through vital information to help home users settle in. Available on Spaciable as a downloadable PDF or an Interactive Guide, the bespoke manuals demonstrate an elite level of customer care, even after completion, while reducing the strain on customer care teams.

The Custom Interactive Guide is a bespoke reservation, completion or tenancy manual brought to life on Spaciable, with easy to navigate and absorb sections covering the most important aspects of the homebuying, homeowning or renting process. Your customers will have an easy digital reference point for any queries that arise without being overwhelmed by pages and pages of content.
Custom My Journey
My Journey offers digital handholding through the buying or renting process, from the moment the customer sets their sights on their home to the day they get the keys, and beyond! By breaking the process up into bite-size chunks and a progress bar, reminding customers what needs to be done before they can move to the next stage, customers are kept motivated to keep the ball rolling, while ensuring nothing falls through the gaps to cause delays.  Each step can be customised to ensure it lines up with your process, tone of voice and terminology, so it doesn’t matter whether the customer walks into the sales office or logs on to Spaciable – everything is crystal clear.
Bespoke How to Videos
Our professionally produced and presented How To videos are the ideal way to familiarise your home users with their home, without them needing to phone your customer care team, or improvise and potentially cause costly damage.  A new generation of homebuyers are heavy consumers of video instructions, leading to increased referrals within this demographic.
Our VR Home Tours have proved incredibly effective ways to sell homes. Soaring into the mainstream media during the pandemic, VR Home Tours enabled developers to keep selling despite on-site restrictions and are here to stay, enabling sales teams to cast a far wider net, while elevating their brand! Homebuyers can view home tours as interactive videos through the portal, with the ability to use a VR headset for the fully immersive experience.
Defect Reporting Tool and Snagging Feature
The Defect Reporting and Snagging tools allow home users to report defects, within the developer liability period, or cosmetic items during a limited snagging period.  A symptom checker and ability to upload supporting photos filter issues and help the customer care team determine the most suitable course of action, thereby saving money caused by multiple call-outs.
Premium Buyers Club
Buyers’ Club gives home users access to great exclusive offers, deals, prize draws and cashback, spanning a wide range of retailers and venues, elevating the relationship between developer and home user.  The ongoing benefits to home users keeps your brand at the forefront of their mind, leading to improved survey scores, increased referrals and more sales.

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