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We’ve also helped many of our customers meet specific goals, from implementing a digital process in their handover to reducing their carbon footprint.  Have a read of our Case Studies to find out how we can tailor our products and service to meet particular needs.

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Far East Consortium

"The portal layout is clear and user-friendly; users can access information remotely, provide access to third parties [...] easily build the library to accommodate new information and use the home page to highlight any specific news or events that may be beneficial to the residents.  Being able to provide access to the portal in advance of legal completion [results] in a reduction of queries after move-in and allows for more specific, targeted questions to be asked.”

Nicola O'Rourke, Customer Service Manager

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Cala Homes

“We’re incredibly proud of the homes we build and pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service.  We believe that the buyer should feel supported from the point of reservation and long after they move into their new home, and that’s exactly what Spaciable’s products provide.  The company has been great, especially our dedicated Account Manager, who has provided us with training to ensure we use the guides and online portal to their full potential.”

Stewart Ingram, Group Customer Services Director

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Weston Homes

“At Weston Homes, our aim is to produce high quality homes that appeal to all kinds of buyers, from contemporary styles to traditional builds. [Spaciable] provides us with a quality product that helps us achieve our customer service and satisfaction targets, reflects the homes we handover to our buyers and a service where each team member goes above and beyond.”

Leanne Simkins, Sales Administrator

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Battersea Power Station Development Company

“Since we first started working with Spaciable, we have felt thoroughly supported by them, especially with regards to training for the platform, which has sometimes been requested at short notice and has always been accommodated. We would definitely recommend Spaciable – both our admins and homeowners have commented on how useful and easy it is to use, with the notifications and document uploading tools proving particularly helpful.”

Rahul Salaria, Head Of Customer Care

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Autograph Homes

“We wanted to provide our purchasers with a solution that looks professional and is useful. The team are professional and always happy to help, and training for Spaciable has always been provided when required. Spaciable has helped add focus to our in-house processes and we have noticed that most customers prefer a digital format, which makes it easy to keep everything in one place.”

Stephanie Probets, Sales Manager

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Riverdale Developments

“When NHBC stopped providing Home User Guides, they recommended Classic Folios and we haven’t looked back since. They provide excellent service right across the board and I can’t imagine my working day without them by my side. Our customers are extremely happy with the home user guides presented and the detailed information stops a lot of common questions being raised. The customer service and one-to-one training for Spaciable is excellent – queries are responded to almost immediately. Having a dedicated team from Classic Folios for Riverdale is impeccable for us.”

Donna Reilly, Customer Care Manager

End-to-End Solution

Immersive 3D Walkthrough

The most up-to-date 3D technology, giving your customer the experience of being in the home, wherever they are in the world.
End-to-End Solution

Our Portal, Your Brand

Spaciable can be branded at developer and development level, supporting your marketing materials and reinforcing your company’s image, providing a great alternative to costly in-house IT projects.

Going Green

Spaciable helps you to effortlessly achieve sustainability targets by digitalising important processes, while uploading key documents to the Library feature, rather than handing out paper copies.
Improve Customer Service

Improve Customer Service

Spaciable reduces customer service costs by helping home users to 'fix' common problems and answers frequently asked questions about their new home.
Improve Customer Service

End-to-End Solution

Customer information is loaded and pre-configured by Spaciable at plot level, saving you time and money.
Improve Customer Service


‍From reservation to completion and beyond, the portal gives you a fully automated email programme managed by Spaciable, as well as instant notifications, ensuring your customers are always in the loop.


homes digitally delivered


Years' experience in customer care for home users


Increase in message open rates


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