Post Completion Features

Achieved sustainability targets

Automated Emails

Spaciable sends home users monthly emails for a year, containing relevant information and helpful advice at each stage, reminding them to register their appliances, shop around for utility providers and get their heating system serviced annually. This ongoing support emphasises your dedication to customer care.

Area Guide

The Area Guide is a catalogue of local amenities and statistics, from the closest schools and their Ofsted ratings, to parks, shops, restaurants and GP surgeries, helping home users get familiar with their new community.  This feature supports customer care teams in ensuring happy home users after moving in, thereby improving survey scores and referrals.

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding

How To Guides

Spaciable’s How To guides cover a wide range of topics, from DIY tips and maintenance advice to Halloween decoration ideas and delicious recipes. By giving your home users access to these great guides, you can increase their engagement with your brand, while helping home users self-serve information, freeing up time for a pro-active approach to aftercare.


The Referrals tool allows home users to easily submit contact details for friends and family members who may be interested in buying a home from the same developer.  The referee will then receive an email checking they are happy for their contact details to be shared with the developer, ensuring easy and unintrusive referrals for all parties.

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding

Home Designer

The Home Designer tool is a virtual canvas on which home users can upload their floor plans and experiment with layout and colour schemes.  This can be personalised with a number of fixtures and fittings, to help home users visualise a room before they go shopping. This saves customer care teams from multiple requests for room dimensions, while also boosting a home user’s relationship with their home and your brand.

Defect Reporting/Snagging

The Defect Reporting and Snagging tools allow home users to report defects, within the developer liability period, or cosmetic items during a limited snagging period.  A symptom checker and ability to upload supporting photos filter issues and help the customer care team determine the most suitable course of action, thereby saving money caused by multiple call-outs.

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding

Buyers’ Club

Buyers’ Club gives home users access to great exclusive offers, deals, prize draws and cashback, spanning a wide range of retailers and venues, elevating the relationship between developer and home user.  The ongoing benefits to home users keeps your brand at the forefront of their mind, leading to improved survey scores, increased referrals and more sales.

QR Codes

Our QR code stickers make it even easier for your home users to engage with and navigate Spaciable, so they can get the answers they need in a hurry, saving site staff time and money through automation. Stickers can be customised to match your branding and can link to app stores so interested buyers can download the app from the sales office, while homeowners can scan appliances to access links to guarantees, user manuals and demonstration videos. They can also be used for booking facilities on the development.

Complied with new legislation


Plots digitally delivered


Years' experience in Customer care for Home users


increase in message open rates


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