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Effortlessly Elite Aftercare

Maintain exceptional standards through the defect liability period to achieve five star survey score and increased referrals!

As queries and issues arise down the line, homeowners will have the ability to self-serve key information, or use Spaciable’s efficient defect reporting tool to submit descriptions and images of any items in need of repair, following a symptom-check, creating an audit trail of items and maximising the efficiency with which customer care teams can respond to, and track, defects.

Don’t worry about the phone ringing non-stop with queries – Spaciable has it covered!

Elevated branding

Automated Emails

Area Guide

How To Guides


Home Designer

Defect Reporting/Snagging

PropTech App Dashboard

Buyers Club

QR Codes


Specifications and Features

Continued support elevates the customer experience and strengthens perception of your brand, helping to secure referrals and exceptional survey scores.


Plots digitally delivered


Years' experience in Customer care for Home users


increase in message open rates


Residential Developers trusted partner


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