Pre-Sales and Reservation Features

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Branding/Custom URL

By giving potential buyers access to an award‑winning portal in your branding, Spaciable ensures your brand is synonymous with elite customer care, as soon as interest is registered.  We can even create custom URLs to further enhance the prominence of your branding.

Resident Tour

Despite being home to a wealth of features and benefits, Spaciable is remarkably straightforward to use – thanks, in part, to the helpful Admin Tour, meaning you don’t need to dedicate any in-house resources to training your teams to use Spaciable!  This is just the start of a system designed to make your processes more efficient!

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Elevated branding

Spaciable Legal

Spaciable Legal is a game changer – a free to use one at that! Taking the conveyancing process online, Spaciable Legal drastically speeds up previously cumbersome processes through automation and the introduction of a single platform for sales teams, homebuyers and solicitors.  So much so that it has reduced completion times by 48% and fall-throughs by 67%!

Matterport/VR Tours

Our VR Home Tours have proved incredibly effective ways to sell homes.  Soaring into the mainstream media during the pandemic, VR Home Tours enabled developers to keep selling despite on-site restrictions and are here to stay, enabling sales teams to cast a far wider net, while elevating their brand! Homebuyers can view home tours as interactive videos through the portal, with the ability to use a VR headset for the fully immersive experience.

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding

Fly-through Videos

Our Fly-through Videos are highly stylish marketing productions, giving your developments the Hollywood treatment they deserve!  Using the latest equipment, we take care of the full process, from storyboarding to uploading to Spaciable, so your potential buyers are welcomed onto the portal with a stunning, gliding look at the development they may soon be calling home!


The Calendar feature streamlines processes and communication, by ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to appointments for things such as boiler inspections and home demonstration meetings.  Admins can send invites to entire developments, groups of plots or individual plots, and then view all events on an interactive calendar.

Complied with new legislation
Achieved sustainability targets


The Contacts feature saves sales and customer cares teams time that would otherwise be spent answering the phone to deal with queries that should be directed elsewhere.  This feature divides key contacts into various categories, so the homebuyer can easily identify who to get in touch with in various situations, so the phone only rings for relevant issues.


Make sure your buyers know what is expected of them at all stages, while pre-empting any questions they may have, thereby easing pressure on the sales team and allowing them to focus on new leads!

FAQs can even be customised to answer any specific recurring queries.

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding

My Journey

My Journey is our turnkey digital handholding tool that breaks the entire homebuying journey up into bite sized chunks, guiding buyers through each stage, ensuring they remain motivated and do not miss any key steps that could cause delays. At each stage, buyers will see relevant features and contacts, giving them the support they need, while increasing their brand engagement!

Build Progress

Admins can update the build status of each plot at the click of a button, keeping buyers up-to-date and motivated, so sales teams can make the most efficient use of their time.

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Plots digitally delivered


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