From Purchase to Completion

Power Through the Purchase Process

Fear not the headache.

After we set the portal up on your behalf, admins can invite buyers to the portal, which then provides a digital handholding tool, minimising delays and preventing key tasks from falling through the gaps.

Admins can use the portal to update buyers with build progress, while scheduling appointments on mutual calendars. Not only does this accelerate the process, improving cashflow, it reduces fall-throughs and improves buyers’ perception of your brand!

Talk about getting things off to a strong start!

Elevated branding
After purchase feature on phone


Phone calendar feature


My journey feature on phone

My Journey

FAQ feature on iphone


Plot build progress feature on laptop

Build Progress

Spaciable dashboard on macbook

Branding/Custom URL

Spaciable arrow in a circle
spaciable red arrow in a circle

After Purchase

Specifications and Features

Use our award-winning portal to enable a smooth process after signing the purchase agreement with the following features:


plots digitally delivered


years' experience in Customer care for Home users


increase in message open rates


partnered residential developers
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