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What is Spaciable?

Spaciable is a leading PropTech company that specialises in helping property developers make the digital transition, making processes more efficient and ESG-friendly, while enhancing the home user experience. Powered by over 25 years’ experience, Spaciable merges traditional values of customer care with pioneering innovation and evolution to deliver bespoke, white-labelled solutions to suit all budgets.

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What is the Home User Experience?

Customer care is vital regardless of industry. But whether it’s mortgage payments or rent, there are few bigger expenses than a new build home, so your customers are right to expect a home user experience that goes the extra mile.

The home user experience is every interaction you share with your customers from pre-sale to aftercare. It’s how simplified you make processes for them, how supported they feel, how transparent information is and how easily they can access it.

A great home user experience means fewer customer care calls, complaints and disputes for your team to deal with, and ensures your customers feel valued, empowered and eager to promote your brand to friends!

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