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Turn Homebuyers into Homeowners with Spaciable

You send us the address and specifications and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once buyers are ready to complete on their purchase, we will work behind the scenes to populate their portal with bespoke information about their home’s fixtures and fittings, maintenance instructions and settling-in advice, pre-empting many common queries to ease the burden on customer care teams.

You can then use the portal to communicate with homeowners, upload handover documents to the secure Library and view analytics to monitor stock and engagement, while complying with various legislation and Code requirements.

This digital handover tool helps you reduce paper consumption to meet sustainable targets.

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Specifications and Features

Use our award-winning portal to enable a smooth process after signing the purchase agreement with the following features:


plots digitally delivered


years' experience in Customer care for Home users


increase in message open rates


partnered residential developers
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