Completion Features

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Completion Guides

Our expertly written, plot-specific Completion Guides have helped over 200 developers elevate their relationship with their customers through vital information to help home users settle in.

Available on Spaciable as a downloadable PDF or an Interactive Guide, the bespoke manuals demonstrate an elite level of customer care, even after completion, while reducing the strain on customer care teams.

Document/Video Library

Spaciable’s Library is an interactive hub of important documents and videos relating to an individual plot – from user instructions and bus timetables to warranty policies and safety certificates – ensuring an accurate, Code compliant record of key information is maintained, while helping home users become self-sufficient, saving customer care teams time.

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding

How To Videos

Our professionally produced and presented How To videos are the ideal way to familiarise your home users with their home, without them needing to phone your customer care team, or improvise and potentially cause costly damage.

A new generation of homebuyers are heavy consumers of video instructions, leading to increased referrals within this demographic.

Finishes and Appliances

Spaciable details the various fixtures, finishes and appliances on a room-by-room basis, enabling home users to easily self-serve, should they wish to check what paint was used in the hallway for any touch-ups or register an appliance.

This saves customer care teams from keeping extensive records of specifications beyond completion, or spending time on the phone trying to unearth the tile dimensions.

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding


The FAQs section covers a wide range of home ownership topics, helping home users settle in and make the most of their new home, without needing to pick up the phone to your customer care team each time they are unsure about something.  By helping home users become self-sufficient, in‑house resources can be most effectively deployed.

Admin Analytics Dashboard

Analytics provides live statistics for customer invites and activations on Spaciable, ranking developments and divisions (if applicable), providing a quick overview of customer engagement and helping managers to set targets.

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding


Services puts the spotlight on great offers and deals across a range of industries, from utility suppliers to DIY retailers, so home users can save money – with your help – after moving into their new home, improving your brand experience.

QR Codes

Our QR code stickers make it even easier for your home users to engage with and navigate Spaciable, so they can get the answers they need in a hurry, saving site staff time and money through automation. Stickers can be customised to match your branding and can link to app stores so interested buyers can download the app from the sales office, while homeowners can scan appliances to access links to guarantees, user manuals and demonstration videos. They can also be used for booking facilities on the development.

Complied with new legislation


Plots digitally delivered


Years' experience in Customer care for Home users


increase in message open rates


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