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Connect With Your Homebuyers Like Never Before

Spaciable is the award-winning property portal with unique dashboards for developers and homebuyers, providing access to bespoke content that elevates the customer experience and improves the efficiency of in-house processes.

Elevated branding
See why more than 200 Residential developers trust us
Achieved sustainability targets

Improve homebuyer communication

Spaciable’s Notifications have a 70% open rate, compared to the industry average of 26%. Don’t risk your marketing messages or important updates falling through the gaps.

Securely upload key documents at the tap of a button

Spaciable’s Library is an interactive hub of Important documents, certificates, timetables and videos relating to each home, reducing queries and helping ensure Code compliance.

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding

Display fittings and finishes by room

Send us the specifications in any format and we’ll populate Spaciable with a room-by-room breakdown, reducing the number of queries when the paint needs touching up or tiles need replacing.

Keep buyers in the loop with build progress

Use Spaciable to update homebuyers with build progress, keeping them engaged, minimising fall-throughs and reducing the number of calls asking for updates.

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding

Respond to and track defects

Save time and money dealing with defects and make sure nothing falls through the gaps with Spaciable’s defect reporting tool, reducing the number of customer care calls and keeping an audit of issues.

Save time dealing with customer care calls

Help your homebuyers self-serve information with Spaciable’s FAQs, a digital handholding tool, plot-specific fixtures and finishes, How To articles and key contacts, minimising time-consuming queries. 

Complied with new legislation
Elevated branding

Increase brand engagement from day one

Keep homebuyers engaged with your brand from day one, with QR code stickers linking to your branded portal for your sale office.

Invite homebuyers to events

Streamline your admin and avoid losing time and money caused by homebuyers missing appointments or arriving late by sending them an invite to an interactive calendar through Spaciable.

Complied with new legislation
“We’re incredibly proud of the homes we build and pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service. We believe that the buyer should feel supported from the point of reservation and long after they move into their new home,and that’s exactly what Spaciable’s products provide. The company has been great, especially our dedicated Account Manager, who has provided us with training to ensure we use the guides and online portal to their full potential.”

Stewart Ingram, Group Customer Services Director Cala Homes
End-to-End Solution

Immersive 3D Walkthrough

The most up-to-date 3D technology, giving your customer the experience of being in the home, wherever they are in the world.
End-to-End Solution

Our Portal, Your Brand

Spaciable can be branded at developer and development level, supporting your marketing materials and reinforcing your company’s image, providing a great alternative to costly in-house IT projects.

Going Green

Spaciable helps you to effortlessly achieve sustainability targets by digitalising important processes, while uploading key documents to the Library feature, rather than handing out paper copies.
Improve Customer Service

Improve Customer Service

Spaciable reduces customer service costs by helping home users to 'fix' common problems and answers frequently asked questions about their new home.
Improve Customer Service

End-to-End Solution

Customer information is loaded and pre-configured by Spaciable at plot level, saving you time and money.
Improve Customer Service


From reservation to completion and beyond, The portal gives you a fully automated email programme managed by Spaciable, as well as instant notifications, ensuring your customers are always in the loop.


Plots digitally delivered


Years' experience in Customer care for Home users


increase in message open rates


Residential Developers trusted partner


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